donderdag 3 april 2008

WatiN 1.3 adds support for .Net 3.5

I'm finishing of the last bits before the release of WatiN 3.5. Recently I have added support for .Net 3.5 specific features. Following is a screenshot of some of the tests. As you can see:

  • WatiN will have support for lambda expressions and I think this offers an exciting new syntax!! See the first test in the screenshot.
  • WatiN will have support for Linq and the Linq Extension methods. See the last two tests.

I have done some speed tests on both and performance is just as good as when using the "old" Find.By... syntax which uses AttributeConstraints and Comparers internally.

I'm finishing the changes to use lambda's this week. The changes to support Linq are already committed to the SVN repository on SourceForge so you can check that out if you can't wait until the release of 1.3, which won't be long btw.


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pushp zei

Great news Jeroen.

Keep the good work going!!