dinsdag 9 december 2008

WatiN roadmap

Today I received a question on the mailing list about the status of WatiN 2.0. I thought I publish my response here as well.

No release date(s) yet, but I can report about the progress and speculate about a roadmap:

  • Currently the development code (a continuation of the 1.3 code base) is refactored to add support for testing with different browsers (IE, FireFox for now). I estimate I'm at 60% of the changes that need to be done to get the basic stuff to work.
  • Next is the integration of the firefox specific code from the 2.0 CTP version into the development code. I estimate that I will go for a first integration around the end of this month.

So my current guesstimate is that a beta or final release of 2.0 will be earliest at the end of q1 2009.

In the meantime Edward Wilde will update the current 2.0 CTP version to add support for FireFox 3.x. We haven't spoken about a release date be hopefully this refresh will be available early next year.

I will also release WatiN 1.3.1 in December with some important bug fixes.

So nothing final yet but I hope this gives you (all) a feel of what we are aiming for.

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Vignesh Marthandan zei

Hi Jeroen,

any update on the next release.

Jeroen zei


I just published an update on my blog.