donderdag 15 januari 2009

Release WatiN 2.0 CTP2

I'm happy to announce the second CTP release of WatiN 2.0, offering support for both Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Changes in this release

  • Works with FireFox 3.x and FireFox 2.x (both jssh.xpi plug-ins are included in the Mozilla directory).
  • Greatly improved performance and stability when running tests with FireFox

Fixed bugs

  • Problem with setting ActiveElement in FF 3.x.
  • SF issue 1954487  Setting TextField.Value for TextArea in FireFox fails
  • SFssue 1913072  BrowserFactory.Settings.WaitForCompleteTimeOut doesn't work

Thanks to Edward Wilde for making it work with FF 3.x

Enjoy testing with WatiN!

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Jaydeep Dave zei


I want to test my flash application with Watin.

Can you please provide me a reference link?

Thank You,