dinsdag 22 december 2009

Released WatiN 2.0 RC 1

A short shout out to announce the release of WatiN 2.0 Release Candidate 1.

Many fixes and new features since the last beta 1 release way back in March. I’m still compiling the list of changes so check back on this page later this week. But if you follow my blog you are well informed already. If you haven’t been using beta 1, start reading the release note of that release here.

And of course  you want to download the new release.

Enjoy testing with WatiN!

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2 reacties:

chandra s zei

Hi the RC 1, make the td click event not work.
The previous version is work, but don't support the popup window.

Erick T zei

Great job with WaitN, it's a very useful framework.

I tried to compile it under .NET 4.0, but the source is missing the signing key. Are you planning to include a 4.0 binary (for MVC2 applications) in the near future?